Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Question Paper

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Check the Class 6 science chapter 3 Question Paper for revision, and for test and examination purposes. 

Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Question Papers

Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Question Paper

Chapter Name: - Fibre to Fabric

Section - A (1 Marks Questions)

Question 1:

Explain the following Keywords

1. Cotton wool

2. Fabric

3. Fibre

4. Knitting

5. Spinning

6. Weaving

7. Yarn

Question 2

Fill in the blanks

1. Plant fibres are obtained from_________ and ________ .

2. Animals fibres are __________ and ___________ .

Section - B (2-3 Marks Questions)

Question 3

Classify the following fibres as natural or synthetic:

nylon, wool, cotton, silk, polyester, jute

Question 4

From which parts of the plant cotton and jute are obtained?

Question 5

Name two items that are made from coconut fibre.

Question 6

Explain the process of making yarn from fibre.

Section - C (True False)

Question 7

State whether the following statements are true or false:

1. Yarn is made from fibres.

2. Spinning is a process of making fibres.

3. Jute is the outer covering of coconut.

4. The process of removing seed from cotton is called ginning.

5. Weaving of yarn makes a piece of fabric.

6. Silk fibre is obtained from the stem of a plant.

7. Polyester is a natural fibre.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 3 Question Paper

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