Class 6 Science Chapter 7 Question Paper

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Class 6 Science Chapter 7 Question Papers

Class 6 Science Chapter 7 Question Paper

Chapter Name: - Getting To Know Plants

Section - A (1 Marks Questions)

Question 1:

Explain the following Keywords

1. Climbers

2. Creepers

3. Fibrous root

4. Expansion

5. Herbs

6. Lamina

7. Lateral Roots

8. Midrib

9. Ovule

10. Parallel Venation

11. Petal

12. Petiole

13. Photosynthesis

14. Pistil

15. Reticulate Venation

16. Sepal

17. Shrubs

18. Stamen

19. Taproot

20. Transpiration

21. Trees

22. Veins

Section - B (2-3 Marks Questions)

Question 2

1. Correct the following statements and rewrite them in your notebook.
(a) Stem absorbs water and minerals from the soil.
(b) Leaves hold the plant upright.
(c) Roots conduct water to the leaves.
(d) The number of petals and stamens in a flower is always equal.
(e) If the sepals of a flower are joined together, its petals are also joined together.
(f) If the petals of a flower are joined together, then the pistil is joined to the petal.

Question 3

Draw (a) a leaf, (b) a taproot and (c) a flower

Question 4

Can you find a plant in your house or in your neighborhood, which has a long but weak stem? Write its name. In which category will you place it?

Question 5

What is the function of a stem?

Question 6

Which of the following leaves have reticulate venation? Wheat, tulsi, maize, grass, coriander (dhania), China rose

Question 7

If a plant has fibrous root, what type of venation do its leaves have?

Question 8

If a plant has leaves with reticulate venation, what kind of roots will it have?

Question 9

Is it possible for you to find out whether a plant has taproot or fibrous roots by looking at the impression of its leaf on a sheet of paper?

Question 10

What are the parts of a flower.

Question 11

From the following plants, which of them have flowers?
Grass, maize, wheat, chilli, tomato, tulsi, peepal, shisham, banyan, mango, jamun, guava, pomegranate, papaya, banana, lemon, sugarcane, potato, groundnut

Question 12

Name the part of the plant which produces food. Name the process.

Question 13

In which part of a flower, you will find the ovary?

Question 14

Name two plants in which one has joined sepals and the other has separate sepals.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 7 Question Paper

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