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Class 6 Science Chapter 9 Notes

Chapter Name: - The Living Organisms - Characteristics And Habitats

Class 6 Science Chapter 9 Notes

Section - A (Keywords with Meaning)

Class 6 science chapter 9 Keywords

The survival habit in an organism modified by the years of evolution which helps it to be better suited for habitat.

The habitat provided by the water for many plants and animals.

Examples: –
River, lake and ocean.

The organisms that show signs of life, like animals and plants, living in a habitat are called biotic components of that habitat.

The process of removal of the waste from the body of a living being.

Explanation: –

The food taken by animals and plants is not completely utilised by them. It is removed from their bodies. The process of removing this waste is called excretion.

The gradual increase in the size of the body parts of an organism.

A place where organisms live or dwell.

All the organisms that show signs of life on their own like growth, respiration, food consumption, adaptation, response to the surrounding area, are called ‘living’ organisms.

All the living organisms produce more of their own kind through the process of reproduction.

The process of inhaling and exhaling.

Explanation: –

The process of inhaling oxygen from outside to the inside of the body and exhaling carbon dioxide from inside to outside the body is called respiration.

A specific response system in all the living organisms developed by their experiences.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 9 Notes

Section - B (Question - Answer)

Question 1

Habitat is the place where animals live or a dwelling place for the animals.

The habitat provides food, water, air and shelter to the organisms. Several kinds of plants and animals live in the same habitat.

Question 2

Cactus is a type of a desert plant. The desert plants have adapted to survive in a desert in the following ways.

1. Absence of leaves

In place of the leaves, the desert plants such as cactus have spines. Thus these plants lose a very low amount of water through transpiration. This helps them reducing the loss of water from the leaves through transpiration.

2. Photosynthesis by stems

In the desert plants like cactus, the process of photosynthesis is carried out by the stems. These stems are covered with the layer of a thick wax. This helps them to retain water in their tissues.

3. Deep roots

The roots of most of the desert plants go very deep into the soil for absorbing the water.

Question 3

Fill up the blanks.

(a) The presence of specific features, which enable a plant or an animal to live in a particular habitat, is called adaptation.

(b) The habitats of the plants and animals that live on land are called terrestrial habitat.

(c) The habitats of plants and animals that live in water are called aquatic habitat.

(d) Soil, water, and air are the abiotic factors of a habitat.

(e) Changes in our surroundings that make us respond to them are called stimuli.

Question 5

A car is an example of a non-living thing that shows these two characteristics of living things.

1.  Movement

2. Consuming fuel for energy

Question 6

The living things which were parts of living things are: –

Butter – part of an animal

Leather – Part of an animal

wool – part of an animal

cooking oil – part of a plant

Apple – part of a tree

Rubber – Part of a tree

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Class 6 Science Chapter 9 Notes

Question 7

Some common characteristics of the living things are: –

consuming food for energy

showing growth





and reproduction of their own kind.

Question 8

In the grasslands, the only way to survive for the herbivores animals (deer, zebra, stag) is to run faster than the carnivores animals (lion, tiger, leopard) as there are few trees or places to hide in grassland habitats. Similarly, carnivores need to run faster than herbivores to feed themselves. 

Therefore speed is important for survival in the grasslands for all the animals that live there.

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Class 6 Science Chapter 9 Notes

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