Class 8 Science Question Papers

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Here is the list of class 8 science Question Papers. This list includes all the question papers of the chapters of the class 8 science book. The main topics covered in the chapters are also listed here for a better understanding of the syllabus.

Chapter 1: - Crop production and management

1. Agricultural practices

2. Basic practices of crop production

3. Preparation of soil

Agricultural implements

4. Sowing

Selection of seeds

5. Adding manure and fertilisers

6. Irrigation

Traditional methods of irrigation

Modern methods of irrigation

7. Protection from weeds

8. Harvesting

9. Storage

10. Food from animals

Chapter 2: - Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

1. Microorganisms

2. Where do Microorganisms live?

3. Microorganisms and us

Friendly Microorganisms

Making of curd and bread

Commercial use of Microorganisms

Medical use of Microorganisms


Increasing soil fertility

Cleaning and environment

4. Harmful Microorganisms

Disease causing Microorganisms in humans

Disease causing Microorganisms in animals

Disease causing Microorganisms in plants

Food poisoning

5. Food preservation

Chemical methods

Preservation by common salt

Preservation by sugar

Preservation by oil and vinegar

Heat and cold treatment

Storage and packing

6. Nitrogen fixation

7. Nitrogen cycle

Chapter 3: - Synthetic fibres and plastics

1. What Are Synthetic Fibres?

2. Types Of Synthetic Fibres



Polyester And Acrylic

3.Chrecteristics Of Synthetic Fibres

4. Plastics

5. Plastic As Materials Of Choice

Plastic Is Non-Reactive

Plastic Is Light, Strong And Durable

Plastics Are Poor Conductors

6. Plastics And The Environment

Chapter 4: - Materials Metals and Non-Metals

1. Physical properties of metals and non-metals

2. Chemical properties of metals and non-metals

Reaction with oxygen

Reactions with acids

Reactions with bases

Displacement reaction

3. Uses of metals and non-metals

Class 8 Science Question Papers

Chapter 5: - Coal and Petroleum

1. Coal

Story of coal


Coal tar

Coal gas

2. Petroleum

Refining of petroleum

3. Natural gas

4. Some natural resources are limited

Chapter 6: - Combustion and Flame

1. What is combustion?

2. How do we control fire?

3. types of combustion

4. Flame

5. Structure of flame

6. What is a fuel?

7. Fuel efficiency

Burning of fuel leads to harmful products


Chapter 7: - Conservation of Plants and Animals

1. Deforestation and its causes

2. consequences of deforestation 

3. Conservation of forest wildlife

4. Biosphere reserve

5. Flora and fauna

6. Endemic species

7. Wildlife sanctuary

8. National park

9. Red data book


11. Recycling of paper

12. Reforestation

Chapter 8: - Cell - Structure and Function

1. Discovery of the cell

2. The cell

3. Organisms show variety in cell number, shape and size

Number of cells

Shape of cells

Size of cells

4. Cell structure and function

5. Parts of the cell

Cell membrane



6. Comparison of plants and animal cells

Class 8 Science Question Papers

Chapter 9: - Reproduction in animals

1. Modes of reproduction

2. Sexual reproduction

Male reproductive organs

Female reproductive organs


Development of embryo

Viviparous and oviparous animals

Young one to adults 

3. Asexual reproduction

Chapter 10: - Reaching the Age of Adolescence

1. Adolescence and puberty

2. Changes at puberty

Increase in height

Change in body shape

Voice change

Increased activities of sweat and sebaceous gland

Development of sex organs

Reaching mental, Intellectual and emotional maturity

3. Secondary sexual characters

4. Role of hormones in Initiating reproductive function

5. Reproductive phase of life in humans

6. How is the sex of the baby determined?

Boy or girl?

7. Hormones other than sex hormones

8. Role of hormones in completing the life history of insects and frogs

9. Reproductive health

Nutritional needs of adolescents

Personal hygiene

Physical exercise

10. Say “No” to drugs

Chapter 11: - Force and pressure

1. Force – A push or pull?

2. Forces are due to an interaction

3. Exploring forces

4. Force can change the state of motion

5. Force can change the shape of an object

6. Contact forces

Muscular force


7. Non-contact forces

Magnetic force

Electrostatic force

Gravitational force

8. Pressure

9. Pressure exerted by liquids and gases

10. Atmospheric pressure

Class 8 Science Question Papers

Chapter 12: - Friction

1. Force of friction

2. Factors affecting friction

3. Friction: A necessary evil

4. Increasing and reducing friction

5. Wheels reduce friction

6. Fluid friction

Chapter 13: - Sound

1. Sound is produced by a vibrating body

2. Sound produced by humans

3. Sound needs a medium for propagation

4. We hear sound through our ears

5. Amplitude, time period and frequency of a vibration

6. Audible and inaudible sounds

7. Noise and music

8. Noise pollution

What are the harms of noise pollution?

Measures to limit noise pollution

Chapter 14: - Chemical Effects of Electric Current

1. Do liquid conduct electricity?

2. Chemical effects of electric current

3. Electroplating

Chapter 15: - Some Natural Phenomena

1. Lighting

The spark that the Greeks knew about

2. Charging by rubbing

3. Types of charges and their interaction

4. Transfer of charge

5. The story of lightening

6. Lightning safety

Finding a safe place

do’s and don’ts during a thunderstorm

7. Earthquakes

What is an earthquake? 

What causes an earthquake?

Protection against earthquake

Chapter 16: - Light

1. What makes things visible?

2. Laws of reflection

3. Regular and diffused reflection

4. Reflected light can be reflected again

5. Multiple images


6. Sunlight – White or colored?

7. What is inside our eyes?

8. Care of eyes

9. Visually impaired persons can read and write

10. What is the braille system?

Chapter 17: - Stars and the Solar System

1. The moon

The moon’s surface

2. The stars

3. Constellations

4. The solar system

The sun

The plats

Mercury (Budh)

Venus (Shukra)

The earth (Prithvi)

Mars (Mangal)

Jupiter (Brihaspati)

Saturn (Shani)

Uranus and Neptune

5. Some other members of the solar system



Meteors and meteorites

Artificial satellites

Chapter 18: - Pollution of Air and Water

1. Air pollution

2. How does air get polluted?

3. Case study – The Taj Mahal

4. Greenhouse effect

5. What can be done?

6. Water pollution

7. How does water get polluted?

Case study

8. What is potable water and how is water purified?

9. What can be done?

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Class 8 Science Question Papers

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